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Congratulations to Our Group President

Ts. Dr. Ho Wai Loon

The Star Outstanding Business Awards 2021

Entrepreneur of the Year (YOUNG)

Thank you to Star Media Group Berhad for the recognition, I am deeply honored to receive this Award. To be recognized by my peers for work on something as important as diversity, it is really humbling to receive the award in the presence of so many leaders, really giants, of the entrepreneur sector tonight.  

To me, the biggest honor goes to the team who supported the company to attain its overwhelming success for the past few years. While organizations have the power and resources to establish policies and influence behavior, it’s the individuals who are the power behind the organizations. Organizations can only act through individuals but that are individuals decide the policies, individuals innovate and experiment, individuals come up with new ideas, individuals connect with other individuals. On many levels, diversity is about how people relate to each other, and individuals have to connect with other individuals to work together to drive organizational change. 

I express my sincere gratitude to all my friends, associates, friendly acquaintances, customers and suppliers for their endlessness continuous support that make me who I am today.  This is truly a glorious moment for my whole team and me. I am thankful to all for considering me for this award. It would be impossible for me without the help and support from my team. I convey my heartiest appreciation to all. 

Speech from the President,



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